Interview with Flinne's email strategist — Olga Stoiak email outreach business for b2b businesses
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At, we believe that it's not just about developing projects for other businesses. It's about putting people first. That's why we want to introduce you to our fantastic team at Flinne. Meet the people behind our mission!

In our opinion, this is best handled by an Interview!

We've already interviewed the founder of, Jan Sedlacik, and you can find it here. Next in line, we have Olga Stoiak, our campaign strategist.

Olga Stoiak email strategist at

— Hi Olga. Let's start from the beginning. I'm curious, what led you to join the awesome team at

I came to Prague when the war in Ukraine started. For sure, almost immediately, I began searching for work. And I happened to stumble upon Flinne's offer. I had the first interview with Sara via Teams and the second one in the office with Jan and Sara. We quickly found a common language, and the team made every effort so that I could get used to my new job.

— Sounds so friendly! That's great that the team helped you adapt as quickly as possible. What was your motivation to work for this project?

It was something new for me. I worked as a social media specialist for almost 3 years before and was completely ignorant about email outreach. Over time, I began to get better and better, the strategies began to work, and the campaign rates increased. I’m eager to learn and believe that any professional should always improve their skills.

— What does e-mail outreach means to you?

Email outreach is a tool that should try every B2B business. I don't know any easier or more effective way to present your offer or product to other decision-makers.

— What was the most important lesson from your work in so far?

You can learn anything if you have the desire and the ability to analyse.

I wasn't in charge of campaigns right away; I watched others do it, analysed what got the best results, and thought about why people were more willing to interact with certain emails. The first campaign I wrote had around 70% open rate and a fairly high click rate. It was a success for me.

— Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Do you have anything to add?

— Well, let me tell you about my three favourite things about First, our team is truly amazing – we all have a close relationship with each other that translates into exceptional collaboration and support. Second, professionalism is our top priority. Each team member is skilled in their craft, and we believe that the right environment is crucial for personal growth and development. And lastly, there are endless opportunities with email outreach. Many businesses underestimate its power, but we know firsthand just how effective it can be.


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