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Hi Flinner!

Looking to engage your prospects and customers? Well, we've got some insightful steps to help you along the way! Our experience has taught us that the key is to stick with what works while also embracing new ways to connect with new people. Because, let's face it, the algorithms are always changing!

So, join us as we break down the 7 main steps to building strong relationships with your audience. Let's get started!

I. Get to know, who your customers are

Do the market research, check where to find them, get to know your target group together with their pains and dreams. Join the groups on social media, ask questions, read comments. When you're ready, establish a goal for yourself on how you want to solve their problems.

II. Create an engaging subject line

It is said that the first sentence is the most difficult to create… that’s why many people leave the title as the last part of their work. It’s common knowledge and a source of stress that when your target group gets 50 emails per day, you need to spend a decent amount of time shaping the right message.

Luckily you can use one of 4 types to attract a reader, and your chances rapidly grow:

- Curiosity

- Offer

- Urgency

- Visual demonstration

III. The message and its opening

Opening sentence – we live in a world where you have up to 5 seconds to drag and keep the recipient's attention or you’ll be forgotten forever… heavy information to digest, isn’t it?

Some people can go extreme and spend months on plunging in words until finding the perfect sentence (for example, check an interview with Steven King published in the Atlantic).

So what is the secret ingredient of a successful first sentence? Emotions, which move the reader – such as curiosity, drama or joke, the choice is yours.


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