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We're your go-to agency for generating leads via cold email campaigns.


Tricky to generate contacts from your target group?

We are real people who search and engage with your ideal customers for you.

What are the outcomes of a campaign?

What are the outcomes of a campaign?

Higher ROI than other marketing channels

Tried social media ads and optimising your website to increase SEO? Sure, thousands of people may scroll over your ad, but receiving an attractive and personalised offer in a mailbox allows the reader to invest more attention. The ROI of email marketing is significantly higher than other marketing channels.

Save time

Figuring out how to set up an effective email campaign that is correctly delivered to your target group is a long process for a newcomer. We're a whole team of people who know how to find your prospects, set up a campaign that does not fall into spam and encourages readers to click on that button!

The right people get your offer

You might have defined your dream clients, but actually reaching them via LinkedIn, Google ads or social meadia may be challenging. Instead of hoping the right people will scroll over your ad, with emailing, we know who gets the message. Email outreach is a direct method to approach targeted prospects with offers tailored to their needs. Looking to communicate with c-level employees? We're pros at connecting you with relevant contacts who'll actually read the message.

Increased website visits and booked calls

Did you build an exciting website and now you're ready to sell your service or product? Our cold email campaigns are always personalized to lure readers to want to know more about your offer and talk to you personally. | Complete email strategy that brings visitors to your website

Our main agenda: effective cold email campaigns

Team is ready to generate customizable copywriting and eye-catching email designs that impress sent to relevant readers of your choice.


How does work and what do I get after subscribing? is a team of copywriters, designers, marketing strategists and IT professionals who are here to bring customers new prospects and leads via marketing and cold email campaigns.

But what does that mean for you? By subscribing to our services, you can expect a steady flow of new website visits or client meetings from the leads we generate through our email campaigns. Plus, we'll provide you with a comprehensive list of all the prospects we contact, complete with valuable statistics like opens, clicks, and responses. This information will enable you to connect with interested clients and foster valuable relationships.

We develop an email outreach strategy, email domain setup and warmup, an email campaign including design and copy with followups and a performance analysis. The results report is sent monthly or at the end of the campaign. See more.

Why monthly subscriptions and how do they work?

Our main services - Hatcher and Flier - are designed to help clients get relevant leads. In order to create a strong base of prospects, contact a large number of leads and continually edit the strategy and campaigns based on results, we suggest remaining in the process for at least 3 months. The longer the strategy and execution are active, the better results we deliver. For that reason we suggest to subscribe to our services long-term.

The monthly charges will be deducted automatically after the first purchase and can be cancelled any time via your customer profile. Find out more in our Subscription Policy.

Is a fully managed service?

Yes. All you need to do is subscribe to a plan and fill out an initial questionnaire which helps us align the strategy to your goals. Team Flinne takes over from there - setting everything up, developing campaigns and monitoring results... and most importantly, boosting your leads!

Are Flinne's activities secure and reliable?

Heck yes! We always set up a mirrored email domain, therefore don't require access to any of your mailboxes, software or databases. This practice also protects your actual domain from marked as spam. Moreover, we adhere to strict anti-spam rules as well as GDPR and CCPA compliance regulations throughout all our activities. See our Privacy Policy.

Can I get a custom service?

Absolutely! Let us know what your wishes are via our contact form and we'll get back to you with a customized quote. Please note that we do not collaborate on a commission basis.

Who is Team

We're a startup founded by Jan Sedlacik based in Prague - Czechia, EU with sales offices in London and NYC. Jan is Flinne's strategic and development mastermind. Our colleague Olga is the head of marketing activities experienced in email outreach strategy. Jean will help you with all your questions! Michal, who's responsible for all the email setups and domains to work flawlessly is our star IT technician.

Is it allowed to send cold emails?

Yes, as long as the campaign strategy complies with anti-spam laws and local national + state laws. We always make sure our actions are 100% legit ensuring a high deliverability rate. background

What now? Start flying with

Are you a B2B company? Select your plan, tell us about your brand and expect some serious emailing magic.

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Why was launched in 2021 with the aim to supply clients with a far-reaching service which the market lacked - a holistic email outreach approach that offers transparent subscription-based solutions. Teaming up with native copywriters, experienced graphic designers, marketing strategists and IT technicians we help clients accelerate their market entry, spread their business message across the globe and save up on unnecessary marketing costs.