Getting to Know Jean: The Heart of Our Customer Communication we generate leads through cold email campaigns

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An Interview best handles this! Meet Jean Slaninková, Our Customer Service Representative.

Jean Slaninková - Customer Service Representative in


— Why did you join the team?

— In fact, I applied for a Junior IT position to see if my knowledge and experience would be enough for this role, however, Jan offered a better role wherein my customer service skills could be applied, and that is when everything started. I was really happy and scared at the same time because it was just 3 weeks when I moved to a different country and I had no knowledge of the local language but Jan and the team made the transition smooth as a butter.

— How would you describe good customer service?

— Being in customer service for a while I believe that good customer service is about listening to what they really need, giving a tailor-fit resolution, and building trust with one another.

— How do you prepare to call with a potential customer?

I usually visit their website if provided on the form, then I will prepare my notes on what are the advantages of getting our service, prepare a few questions to ask them, and lastly prepare the link for the meeting.

What was the most surprising situation you had during a call?

— It was the day that I had a meeting with the client and he was able to do enough research and just ask me a few questions and ta-daa he bought a monthly subscription. I think I can say that our website is effective in giving clear information to visitors about


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