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Exciting Updates Await You - Customer Portal! generate leads through email outreach

Hey Flinners, is a team of real people who blend human touch with technology. Our goal is to offer top-notch support to our customers by efficiently reaching out to prospects and maintaining transparent campaigns. That's why we've created the customer portal!

What can you find in our customer portal as a customer?

  • Campaign performance (data is updated every week to ensure you have the most accurate and current insights)
  • Campaign reports (we prepare reports on each campaign every month, which include the prospect list with all statistics, the number of opens, clicks, and responses)
  • Email design and copy (before launching a campaign, we always finalise the content of the campaign with the client)
  • Invoices (all invoices in one place - we find it convenient to keep accounting issues under control)
  • Forms (after purchasing any of our plans, we send customers a questionnaire, so we can better understand their brand and start developing the campaign)


How to get into the customer portal?

Unlock access to the portal by completing a quick and easy registration process on our website. Once registered, you'll gain immediate access to the main menu and the portal. Don't miss out on the benefits and conveniences available

 customer portal from

Put your doubts about email outreach to rest - we're here to prove its effectiveness 😉

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