A brief interview with founder of Flinne.io - Jan Sedlacik

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It's Flinne again. Last year was full of work, but the coming year promises to be even bigger and better. To get things started off on the right foot, we've decided to introduce an exciting new newsletter format - Interview!

It's no coincidence that email outreach is the easiest way to attract new leads to B2B business. However, what is behind the founding of an email outreach agency?
Interview with Jan Sedlacik founder and CEO of Flinne
— Hi Jan. How did you come to thistkind of lead generation like email outreach?

— Well, I own another B2B business - ETTEA Solutions c.r.o. - for 13 years, so you can imagine how many different ways I tried... Connecting with other founders and CEOs can be tricky, so I discovered this way of promotion.

Just to statistics, email outreach brought me almost twice as many results as social media advertising.

— Sounds impressive. Many people think that email doesn't work anymore. Can you refute that?

 — Absolutely. We've also had clients with negative email experiences, but I appreciate that they chose to trust Flinne and stay with us already.
Email only works if you know its algorithms. That's why my team includes only experienced professionals who know how to run a successful email campaign.

— What life values do you try to broadcast in the company's work?

— First of all, it's authenticity. I-think this is important to be real and genuine in client relationships. It also works great for drafting emails because it helps to make them unique.

Equally important to me is the acquisition and implementation of new knowledge. This applies to me as well as to my team because I make it a priority to improve the quality of work and service.

— How does Flinne help other businesses?

— Through compelling email copy and correct prospect segmentation, we can show the unique value of our customer's products to their target market, no matter how specialized it may be.

For example, our client was intrigued by the possibilities of working with companies in the Electrical manufacturing sector, exploring new ideas and bringing innovation to this growing industry. Guess what? The open rate after the first day of launching was 54%, and the click rate was 44%.

— Impressive results! Thanks, Jan, for sharing your experience.

— Flinne was my greatest idea of 2022 and I'm glad that the opening of this business led to the development of many others.
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That’s all for now, thanks for reading! Best wishes, and let’s speak next month!
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