Why is cooperation with Flinne.io fruitful for your business?

flinne email outreach services
Hi, Flinners!

You probably know best that connecting with other founders and CEOs can be tricky, especially if you're attempting to lure them with your product.

Here's where email outreach comes to the rescue! Connecting via emails allows to sell your products in the best light!

Why is cooperation with Flinne fruitful for your business?

  • We use valid emails only

That means we use current emails of C-level prospects (or other positions according to your request in the Flier plan).

  • Manually prospects segmentation

We take a responsible approach to segmenting the prospects.
We manually check all contacts to ensure they are as relevant as possible to your brand's potential customer segment.

  • Thought-through email strategy

Good copy, advanced tech stack and time zone. Your benefits will not go unnoticed!

- copy that emphasises all your benefits and includes a clear
CTA. We create eye-catching copies focused on highlighting your Unique Selling Point (USP).

- advanced tech stack ensures a high deliverability score and eliminates campaign result problems.

- time zone is chosen according to the location of your customers. Emails are sent only when your audience is most active.

  • Create and warm up a new domain

A new email domain is necessary because it will keep your working domain safe. We check deliverability score and ensure that emails do not end up in spam.
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