Checklist: "How to convert a lead into a client"

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Hi Flinners!

At Flinne we not only know how to easily generate a steady stream of leads, but we have experience in converting them into valuable customers. Unlocking that next-level success requires careful planning and execution.

That is why we have created this simple checklist, so you too can be sure to attract new customers and boost conversion rates.

№1: Landing page

Just imagine this situation, when a potential customer reads an email from your brand, his interest heats up, and he decides to visit your website, once he's there... An uninformative page greets visitors, leaving them without a sense of who you are or how your services could be beneficial.

Remember to make sure the technical part of your landing page is working properly. For example, how fast does the page open? Are all links clickable? Are all images loading? Is the site responsive?
- All these questions shouldn't go unanswered.

№2: Quality of customer service

How quickly do you process applications, and how loyal do you communicate with the clients?

'Every customer deserves to feel unique and valued, so making a difference for each individual plays an important role. Giving your clients the attention they deserve will pay off in spades!

№3: Social presence

Not the most mandatory but neither less important part.

Why? It's simple. Agree, when it comes to trustworthiness, the presence of a company on Google and its active engagement across social media can be telling indicators. With online information being reviewed, companies become more reliable.
Have you worked on all these points? Great, now your conversion rate will at least double.

Would you like to share your must-haves on the checklist? We'd be happy to hear from you!

Thanks for being a part of Flinne, and let's talk next month!
Your Flinne